A Super Fast, Super Simple Feast

It's very rare that we get together as a whole family. By whole family I mean including my immediate family and my mom and my sister. One day last summer, everyone had a free schedule so we decided to spend dinner together. This was an impromptu decision and of course, I was in charge of cooking. My sister had an almost empty fridge. Good thing there's a supermarket downstairs so my mom and I immediately did the shopping while the rest of the family splished and splashed in the pool.

I needed something fast and easy to cook plus my sister wanted me to utilize some of the food in her fridge and pantry so this is what we came up with. I know there's no cohesiveness to this spread but it worked for us. Everything was wiped out.

I served:

buttered corn (corn from the pantry)
fried tofu cubes in a soy-vinegar sauce (leftover tofu from the fridge)
brown rice
chicken barbecue (from the frozen aisle)
quick pancit

For the pancit, I just sliced some carrots, beans and cabbage as well as garlic and onions. I stir fried them until they were cooked then transferred them to a plate. In the same pan, I boiled some water and put one chicken cube. I waited for it to dissolve then added the pancit. I believe this is from a pack of Vietnamese vegetable noodles. When the noodles were cooked and the water was fully absorbed, I added the vegetables back. I seasoned it with pepper.

That's it! Family reunion dinners need not be expensive. Just utilize what you have in your fridge and pantry. I hope this post gave you the confidence to tackle an impromptu cooking challenge for your family.


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