My "Special" Diet

I did a lot of research about chronic urticaria when mine was active. There are a lot of theories but all of them point to the gut as the source of the problem. I try to eat a balanced diet but I know my vegetable and fruit intake was not sufficient. So, I decided to incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables into my meals whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

For the spread above, this was a meal that I prepared for lunch. The pasta is a simple pasta with asparagus, cream and ham. Ham is not very urticaria-friendly in my case. It was only after my doctor tapered off my steroids that I began reacting to cured meats. So now, cured meats are a no-no. I also had some bread with the pasta and a salad composed of greens, shredded carrots and pears. The dressing is also simple with just apple cider vinegar, olive oil, muscovado sugar,  salt and pepper.

This next one was for breakfast one weekend. I didn't react to the BBQ luncheon meat but I stopped eating canned food altogether after this breakfast. I also had some garlic mushrooms and steamed asparagus. Melons for the fruit. 

This is also another breakfast spread. These are sliced cucumbers, rice, apples (now I stay away from apples as I react to them), baked sweet potato (I am also apparently allergic to sweet!) and some homemade tapa. I also try to drink at least 2 bottles of Yakult whenever I can. It's good for digestion and it's also good to combat bad yeast in the stomach which also causes urticaria. 

Do you have a special diet? Do you have chronic allergies? Let me know how you combat them!


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