Saturday, October 31, 2009

I bought this pack of dried boneless dilis at S&R. It was after typhoon Ondoy and we were running out of food. I made do of what we had. This dish might seem simple but it was definitely delicious.

Fry dilis then drain on paper towels. Saute some chopped garlic, julienned onions and chopped tomatoes in a pan until wilted. Add a little water and let boil. The water should be about less than 1/4 cup depending on how much sauce you want on your dilis. When boiling, add a little sugar and salt. This dilis wasn't salty so it's okay to add salt. If your dilis is salty, don't add salt anymore. I also sprinkled some Spanish paprika on the sauce. When cooked, pour over dilis and serve with lots of rice. Cheap and fast.

Friday, October 30, 2009

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Hi everybody! Just want to let you know that I'm still here. I really apologize for the lack of posts. I had a 2-day event at Shangri-la Makati for the US Department of Agriculture. After that, I was sick for 2 days. You know how weak my body is.

Anyway, we had dinner and lunch at Circles at the Shang. It's a buffet style restaurant where you can eat as much Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Asian, American dishes as you want. I wish I had pictures but I was low batt.

I've been craving for dumplings for the past few weeks and Circles had different kinds on offer - chicken, beef, pork, vegetable. You name it, they have it! But alas, gorging too much dumplings made me sick. After 4 dumplings, they tasted somewhat all the same. They killed my taste buds and my appetite. The next bar we visited was the Japanese. I know sushi tastes great for a lot of people but I really can't digest the stuff so I just had a small bite. I also tasted this baby octopus dish which was spicy and sweet. Didn't like it either. I didn't like their California maki because of the asparagus. It gave the maki a bitter taste. They had crabs, shrimps and oysters on ice. I love shrimps and crabs but eating them cold sounds weird to me so I skipped that part.

For dessert, Migraine Boy had creme brulee which wasn't burnt at all so we missed the fun part of cracking the cream. I had some watermelon slices and a melon slice which was bland. I also had this dark chocolate truffle like dessert which was bitter outside but had sweet jelly inside. I just like the top cover because of the dark chocolate. They also had assorted "French" pastries. Notice the quotes because who ever heard of buko pandan French pastries?

For lunch the next day, it was just me and Ana. I had sinigang na tanigue which was a 10 thumbs up! It only had okra and eggplants but my, my... The fish was so fresh and tender. The soup was the perfect combination of sour and salty. I was in sinigang heaven! It was so good that after tasting the dishes that I want, I got another bowl full of the stuff and ate just that.

Other dishes that I tried were the prawn tempura which I didn't like because it was cold. (What is up with the seafood all being cold?) Some sweet chicken dish and bland lapu-lapu in some chili sauce. For dessert, I had the truffle again and a slice of chocolate torte (?) which was absolutely delicious especially after I've sprinkled some walnuts on top and a melon slice which was better this time around.

We asked the head waiter how much it costs to dine there and he said it's P1400++ for weekday lunches and P1600++ for weekday dinners. Friday, Saturday and Sunday prices are higher. You also need to have a reservation for both lunch and dinners. Ana and I got the numbers and we're definitely dining there again with our families.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Here's an overdue post. You might be wondering why I haven't been posting. Well, too busy with work and I changed laptops. I used to bring our big acer to work but alas, the weight got the best of my shoulder. Thanks to BPI Madness Promo, we were able to buy a smaller, lighter netbook. Still from acer. I love how affordable and reliable acer laptops are. Anyway, enough with that.

I'm not feeling rice again nowadays so expect posts which don't have rice in them. If there's rice, then that's intended for MB. Here you can see buttered haricot verts, mashed potatoes and sliced crusty bread.

For the barbecue sauce:



Red wine or vinegar ( but red wine is better)

Brown sugar



Soy sauce

Chili sauce

Worcestershire sauce


Pulse all the ingredients in a blender until smooth then cook for 3-5 minutes.

Chicken Meatballs:

I used the recipe in Yummy but altered it a little. Combine ground chicken, egg, pickle relish, onions, salt and pepper and thyme. Form into balls then fry. Pour the barbecue sauce on top of the meatballs.

I prepared this the night before so the meatballs already absorbed the flavor of the sauce. This was fantastic!


What is going on with our country? Don't they (government) care anymore? I just read a few posts and I'm exhausted already. Have you ever cried for the Philippines? I have. And I will cry some more until God, in his infinite wisdom, grace and mercy, decides it is time to overthrow the government and replace the leaders with people who have a heart for God and a heart for its people. Read these blogs:


Ella - where it all started


Friday, October 23, 2009

Well, this is something food related but funny. Watch!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I found this box of chocolates at a 7-Eleven near our office. At first I thought it was like Andes - mint sandwiched between 2 parts chocolate so imagine my surprise when I peeled off the foil. They were separate! Sure, there's a picture on the cover but I thought it was just an exaggeration or to emphasize that this is a mint chocolate, much like what other brands do.

I liked the dark chocolate. Really bitter but not ampalaya bitter. The mint, not so much. I love mint chocolate but this I think was too much. I guess this is white chocolate with a few drops of mint. I never liked white chocolate. A mint bar trying hard to be chocolate is too much. It's like eating toothpaste. So what I did was I put the chocolate bar on top of the mint bar and bit. Now that's better! Not Andes taste and quality but heck for P57 a pop, I'd gladly buy another one when the craving hits and the money is low.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Because of the two typhoons, we have an abundance of canned goods in the house. Instead of just serving them as is, I try to make creative dishes out of them. Here's an example using canned tuna from Century.

Saute garlic and onions in oil. Add chopped eggplant. When half cooked, add spinach. Allow the vegetables to cook a little more then add tuna flakes. Mix in the rice and season with Maggi Magic Sarap or salt. I think I used salt for this as I made a side dish of chopped tomatoes and Naprik.

I'd give this a 3 out of 5 stars but MB loved it. I ate about a cup and he finished what was left.

This is just to inform everybody that the products I review are not paid for by their respective companies. I make reviews to help people in their buying choices. These are solely for my own purposes and not influenced by others.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Were you able to shop at S&R's 4-day sale? We had a blast there. Most people opted to buy furniture and kitchenware. We hoarded food! Starting with their roast chicken which is my absolute favorite (I hate SM's roast chicken). The first time I tasted this, I was amazed that it didn't need any sauce. It can very well stand on its own. I served this with another version of spinach rice. This time I used onions instead of garlic, canola oil instead of olive oil and Maggi Magic Sarap. I guess all those Magic Sarap commercials got through me. It was delicious unless you hate instant seasoning. In that case, you can read the original recipe here.

I also had salad greens on the side which was drizzled with sun dried tomato dressing from Kraft, also from S&R.

How was dinner? See how much rice that is? I ate about 2 cups, Migraine Boy finished everything that was left.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I had a shopping list for MB when he left for Iligan. It's so funny because most of the products I listed were never heard of in Iligan. People there only know Sukang Pinakurat. They didn't know that it had other variants - Kuratsoy, Waykurat, Sweetened Pinakurat, etc. They also have other products such as the ones above.

Naprik, as you can see is spicy pork alamang. This had mostly pork fat in it. The first time I tasted it (just the alamang) I liked it. But the other night, I really didn't like it. I didn't like the gamey taste from the pork. MB really loved it so I guess this isn't going to waste. He doesn't eat the pork fat though. Oh, and one thing more. The pork fat/skin still had hairs on them which I really didn't like. Grossed me out. They were long hairs. This costs P98.

The other bottle is garlic crunch. Just your regular garlic crunch, nothing special. I sprinkled this on some sauteed spinach with Kikkoman and oyster sauce. Now that was good. For P75, this is quite cheaper compared to the other local brands.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whenever we're stuck at home because of the rain, I would, as much as possible, prepare a soup dish. Nothing beats comfort food when it's cold and dark outside. I purchased about 35 pesos worth of dulong in SM some weeks ago. This is a backlog post, by the way. To make the fish cakes, just mix some flour and egg with the dulong. You'll know the right frying consistency so just trust your gut feel. I also added some chopped spring onions, cracked black pepper and salt. Form into cakes then fry.

This soup was an excellent surprise. I bought a pack of dehydrated dumplings at Hatchin for around 40-60 pesos. Sorry, can't remember the exact price. It had about 6 dumplings. I say dehydrated because they were dry and they were just on the shelf, not in the freezer. It was my first time to try this brand. I've tried this kind of dumplings before in a brand of Japanese instant noodles that I buy. I really liked it and so I thought I'd like this too.

You can put garlic and onions in the soup or you can totally omit them because the dumplings come with a pack of seasoning, just like instant noodles. I think I added garlic and onions here though to cut the fishy taste (and smell) of the shrimps and chicken. I just boiled some water and added the garlic, chicken and shrimps. Allow the meat to cook, removing any foam that comes up on the water. I then added some beans because we had some in the ref. I would've added carrots too if we had any. I also put some naruto kamaboko because we had some too. Lastly, add the dumplings. The dumplings cook fast and you don't want them to get soggy so be alert at this stage. I then added the seasoning and spring onions. If it tastes a bit bland, add some Kikkoman. I also added more sesame seeds.

This soup paired with the dulong cakes was absolute comfort food. Enjoy!


Monday, October 5, 2009

I apologize for the long hiatus. I've been sick because of the weather. Plus I've been feeling down lately because of what happened to our country. I couldn't find the drive to write about food when so many people are hungry. But life must go on and so must we. Okay, enough of that. Let's get to business as usual.

Here's the leftover char kway teow which tasted more delicious the following day. I paired it with toasted tortillas and sauteed mushrooms in garlic, butter and parsley. It was a perfect lazy day lunch.



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