If you think adobong kangkong can't be easier to make, think again. We came home late the other night and coming from a meeting, not able to have some merienda, we were famished when we got home. So in my heels and office attire, I got the kangkong bunch and bangus cuts in the ref and hurried to the kitchen.

I heated some vinegar, soy sauce and a little water in a pan. I then added some garlic crunch, you know, those ready to eat bottled crunchy garlic. Then allowed the mixture to boil. I then added the kangkong leaves and cut up stems and lowered the heat. This will cook in 2 minutes. Before serving, sprinkle some more garlic crunch. For the bangus, I just rubbed the pieces with Maggi Magic Sarap then fried them.
You'd have to excuse the photo. This was taken using my phone. I totally forgot to take a picture before packing my baon. When the katamaran kicks in, I usually opt for a pasta dish. I wanted to salvage the remaining canned tomatoes and dying parsley so I made another shrimp pasta dish.

This doesn't differ much from the previous shrimp pasta recipes. This is a simplified version. Saute some garlic in olive oil. Add the mushrooms then the shrimps which have been shelled and deveined. Pour about half to one can crushed tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Add some chopped parsley. Mix in cooked pasta. I used thin spaghetti. You can add olive oil at this point when you feel that the pasta is too dry. Then mix until everything is well coated. Add a few shakes of Maggi Savor Original then mix again. Taste. You can add some more Maggi Savor if the pasta tastes bland to you. Maybe it's just me but this dish tastes better when reheated after a day or two.
I wanted Java rice but I didn't have the correct set of ingredients to make proper Java rice so I experimented with this.

Saute some garlic and bell pepper in a little oil. Put equal amounts of soy sauce and tomato catsup. Mix. Add rice then mix until well coated. I also added some parsley for a more herby flavor. We had this for lunch with some chicken barbecue made with homemade sauce.

This is totally a budget-friendly lunch. I'd say it costs a little below P200 for two meals.
I thought I'd play around with the presentation of our very simple dinner the other night. I have this huge fish shaped plate accumulating dust and so I thought why not put all the food together (although not fish) in the plate. It saves space, time to prepare and looks playful.

I assembled the tasteless (without sauce) chicken nuggets, corn and assorted salad greens in this plate. I topped the greens with Parmesan cheese. On the separate saucers are barbecue sauce for the nuggets and Caesar dressing.

Creativity in the kitchen is not limited to cooking. I know almost everybody is still feeling the bulk of Ondoy's wrath so we make the best out of what we have. This was a Friday night dinner when food is already very scarce in the fridge. Inserting a little bit of creativity here and there makes us forget the past and look forward.
This is a backlog post from the 'no rice' series. We only had frozen chicken nuggets in the freezer and so not wanting to bring a generic lunch, I decided to experiment with the newly bought bag of pepperoni.

I was thinking pepperoni and tomato sauce go good together right? So why not make a side dish out of it. I sauteed some garlic and onions in olive oil then added the pepperoni. I let this cook for a while then poured half a can of crushed tomatoes then let it simmer. I seasoned this with salt and pepper and parsley. Before serving, I sprinkled the grated Quickmelt cheese on top then nuked it for a minute. It tasted like pasta and pizza together, without the noodles and the crust! I enjoyed this more than the tasteless chicken nuggets.
Another sick day, another lunch in bed. This was supposed to be our baon. It was all packed up and ready to go then I had an attack.

Normally, when you use soy sauce, you shouldn't let chicken sit in the mixture for more than 30 minutes as it will make the chicken tough. In this case, I soaked the chicken overnight. So what happened? The chicken wallowing in soy sauce overnight plus frying it until the sides were a bit burnt would naturally result to tough chicken. I really don't care because the end result was wonderful for me. I say for me because some people might prefer chicken that's soft and easy to chew.

To make chicken yakitori, marinate chicken fillets in 3T soy sauce, 3T mirin, 2T sake, 1T sugar and grated ginger overnight. You can marinate for 30 minutes but I don't know if the chicken will come out as flavorful. You can cut the chicken up into bite size pieces then skewer them. I didn't. I fried them in a little oil then gradually added the marinade that resulted in a thick sauce. And oh, I used 2 chicken breast fillets.

I used the yakitori and sauce as toppings on my rice. It was a good decision indeed! The sauce was so good that I could eat the sauce smothered rice alone. MB wasn't as lucky as he packed his baon and separated the chicken and sauce from the rice. He said he wasn't able to savor the dish as I did. And for sidings, I just finished up the leftover potatoes and mushrooms from the last post.

And yes, I was sick. And yes, I finished everything in the plate.

Let me interrupt normal programming for a few minutes of my rants. I am having a shitty day. A very shitty day at that. People are making an issue of my "professionalism". I may always be out of the office, but I can proudly say that I beat all my deadlines and I finish and submit work when I'm supposed to. Even earlier.

So what do you do to blow off steam? I tried splashing my face with cold water for several minutes, listening to very loud music, writing. And I'm still feeling like I'm going to blow up any second now...

Any suggestions? And while we're at it, be creative!
I love side dishes. They perk up even the simplest viand. Such was the case when I packed some S&R roasted chicken for lunch. I know I've been featuring potato side dishes for some time now but I think this will be the last (for now).

I peeled (yes, I did!) some boiled baby potatoes and sliced them in half. Then saute some garlic in oil. Add the mushrooms. Then add the potatoes. Season with Maggi Savor and pepper. Top with chopped parsley and there you have it. An easy, delicious side dish.

I've been feeling the all out attacks of my fibromyalgia for the past few weeks now. So, I did what I always do. I researched about ways to cope. One blogger said that she tried eating only raw foods. She immediately felt the effects after 3 days. She was painless. The reason behind this is we digest raw food better, faster. Plus I think eating all these fruits and vegetables pack your body with vitamins and minerals. But they're not all raw. Some foods you can cook up to a certain degree of heat.

I was feeling very sick last Friday night and so I decided to try this diet. This is leftover mashed potatoes. I just reheated the corn, Dole brand (more on this later) and just put Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese on top of the salad greens. You might think that this isn't filling at all but I was also surprised to find out that I was full at the end of the meal. I was actually satisfied.

And the result? I felt better the next day. Of course diet wasn't the cure alone. That night, I exercised a little, moving only the parts which hurt less. I also slept early. For people with fibromyalgia, exercise, diet and lots of rest are the key to recovering.

On the Dole corn. This costs P42 and comes vacuum packed. You only have to reheat it through boiling or microwave. I boiled it because I refuse to own a microwave. I know it's expensive for one corn but oh my.. It was soooo sweet! It was really sweet corn! It's the sweetest sweet corn I've ever tasted in my entire life. So, 10 points for Dole on that. I still have 2 left in the fridge.

Now this doesn't mean that I'm going vegetarian or I'll only be featuring raw diet dishes from now on. I'm simply giving you alternatives especially for people who are suffering from the same illnesses.

You'll still see "normal" dishes in the coming days.

Let me just have this quick post on MB's pizza. I know all of you may think that pizza is something very easy to make especially with the availability of instant ingredients. Well, to us ladies that is something trite. But for the men, well that's another story. Normally guys would just buy take out or order food or worse, instant noodles. I don't have anything against instant noodles, I just ate one last night. What I'm saying is, these are ingredients that are practically staples so why not try cooking. It will save money plus you're sure that your food is clean. So this post is for all my guy readers who sometimes feel lazy to prepare their own food. I promise, this will be quick and painless.

I was sick the other night and MB said he would cook dinner. This isn't exactly cooking. All he did was get these solo crust pizzas and brushed Del Monte Quick n Easy Italian Pizza Sauce on all of them. Sprinkled them with Quickmelt cheese, mushrooms and chopped salami then popped them in the oven toaster for around 7 minutes. MB knows how to cook simple dishes but if he can avoid cooking, he will. And if he decides to cook, well you have to give him the step-by-step details. This pizza was all his doing so I was really impressed. (What can I say, I'm easy to impress). I was impressed because not only did the pizzas come out perfect but the ingredients were well balanced and he even made the effort to chop the salami into tiny bits without me telling him!

So that's it. I suggest you stock up on these ingredients so that you'll have something handy the next time hunger strikes or for us girls, when there's just no time to prepare a fabulous dinner.
If you're a regular on this blog, you'd know my love affair with shrimp. I love, love, love shrimp. This is my first successful experiment at deep fried shrimp. Probably because of the new pan and the abundance of oil. As much as possible, I don't like cooking deep fried dishes as they waste too much oil. Now that I have the right "weapon", the oil isn't much of an issue. Plus the fact that we bought a big container of Wesson's at S&R when they were on sale. P500 only.

I used a dozen shrimps which cost me around P180. They're carefully selected white shrimp. I normally buy the smaller ones for quantity = cheaper but many but this dish needed the bigger ones.

For the batter, you will need 1/2 c flour, 1/3 c cornstarch, less than 1/2 cup water, 1T heated oil, 2t baking powder. Please note that when I use 'T' that means tablespoon. A small 't' means teaspoon. Combine the flour, cornstarch and baking powder. Silly me bought baking soda instead so that's what I used. It turned out okay. But I bought a box of baking powder last Sunday and will try that next time. Add the oil and mix. Pour the water. You need a thin consistency.

Coat the shrimp and deep fry in hot oil. Serve with cocktail sauce but since we don't have that, I served this with sweet chili sauce. Enjoy!
Food has gotten pretty expensive after Ondoy. Our P1,500 budget used to fill half a cart at the grocery but now, it's terrible. I've been buying the same stuff for 3 weeks now just so I can stick to the budget. So, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - be creative. All the ingredients of this dish were readily available in the ref. All I had to buy was the chicken fillet. Saving tip: Buy ingredients which are a bit expensive (but you know will always come in handy) when you have the extra budget. When the time comes when you only have enough for a few basics, you'll be glad that you have a stash in the ref. Some of those items are Dijon mustard, Parmesan cheese, black olives, all purpose cream. You can also add some pantry staples like sauces and seasonings, canned tomatoes, mushrooms and corn. These items have been a life saver so many times that I always make sure that I have at least one or two of them at all times.

For the chicken, you will need Dijon mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper, breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese and melted butter. I used about 2T mustard and a tablespoon of vinegar. Combine the mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper in a bowl. Dip the chicken pieces. Make sure that the chicken pieces are cut to resemble chicken fingers. In another bowl, mix the breadcrumbs, Parmesan and melted butter. Dredge the chicken pieces. Now, you have to cook this in an oven. I don't have an oven so I experimented with an oven toaster. Mine is Asahi brand. I put the setting to 15 minutes. Halfway through, I flipped the chicken pieces. You know what? I was very surprised. The chicken came out moist and flavorful! I never thought a regular toaster could do that.

For the tomato topping, chop some tomatoes and garlic. In a pan, cook the garlic in olive oil. Stir in the tomatoes, basil, oregano, sugar, salt and pepper. Continue to cook until desired consistency. Next time I will use canned crushed tomatoes for a more saucier approach.

Top the chicken pieces with the tomatoes and serve with rice, pasta or in this case, some buttered garlic baby potatoes.

As you can recall, I was sick again last week after the Shang event. This was what I had for lunch. It might seem like a big lunch for a sick person but that's how I am when I'm not feeling well. I try to eat as much as I can as my body responds well to food. I'd rather eat 7 meals a day than take 14 kinds of meds round the clock everyday.

On the plate above is some dinner rolls which I burned from reheating in the toaster, buttered corn and carrots which I made using fresh carrots and canned corn and some sweet chili fish. I used maya maya. It's very simple. I just seasoned the fish with salt and pepper then fried it and then poured some sweet chili sauce over it, turning to ensure that everything gets coated.
I also had some salad greens. I'm quite happy with just some greens and dressing. This is the sundried tomato dressing from S&R, Kraft brand. And I also had a glass of blueberry-grape juice. If you are wondering how a person suffering from an attack of polymyositis can cook all this, well I had them prepared the night before. All I did was reheat everything. Even the lettuce was already torn the night before. This was supposed to go into my lunch box last Wednesday but when I woke up, I couldn't move. You can save a lot of time if you plan your meals ahead and prepare them the night before. Just choose meals that still taste good after reheating in the microwave. Tomorrow we'll have chicken enchiladas in our lunch boxes. I wonder how that will taste like after I nuke it.