Thursday, January 31, 2013

pink salmon, new potatoes, original glazed donut and oj, 240baon

It’s hard to be a working housewife. I have to take care of the house, take care of the chores and take care of my husband. After that, I have to attend to my own work and business. Sure I work from home most of the time but I don’t think men will ever realize how hard we women work. They don’t know that while we are doing the laundry, we are also checking on our employees, doing reports, etc. They have it easy. They go home and they have their dinner waiting for them. I’m thankful that MB helps out when he gets home. He takes care of the chores at night and all I do is cook dinner. Sometimes he even helps out with the cooking.

Mornings are a different story. I do almost everything. MB likes to sleep in and I let him because he stays up late in the night. So I have to cook breakfast and prepare his lunch and sometimes prepare his clothes when he’s running late. I was lucky to prepare this breakfast for myself. I usually just stick to leftovers or fresh fruit or bread. I wanted something different and so I fried some pink salmon in oil and seasoned it with Knorr Seasoning. I also boiled then fried some baby potatoes in olive oil and seasoned them with salt and oregano. This is quite heavy for breakfast but when I’m home, I like eating a hearty breakfast as I have tons to do and I need the energy.

The Krispy Kreme is for my midmorning snack. I downed it all with a glass of orange juice which I have yet to blog. I found a gallon of 100% OJ at S&R. It was quite expensive but it’s delicious.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

jupiter beef bulgogi, 240baon

I said that I will take it easy with the cooking this week so I got this prepared beef bulgogi from my butcher at Jupiter Landmark.

One tray costs Php210, not bad in my opinion. The beef is tender even when I purposely overcooked it. I wanted the sauce to caramelize and for the beef to turn dark brown but failed. I guess that’s really the color.

It’s okay in my opinion. It does not taste like the beef bulgogi at Korean restaurants but it will suffice. For a cheap fast meal that can serve 4, this is a good buy.

I served this with some sauteed mung bean sprouts as I don’t eat Korean beef without it. I packed the leftovers for MB’s lunch. I will try Jupiter’s other prepared meals in my next grocery trip.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

koala, 240baon

I’m a sucker for cute packaging. If you read my beauty blog, you’d know how much I love cute packaging. I found this Koala tin can at Landmark grocery when I was doing some shopping.

Here’s what’s inside:

koala biscuits, 240baon

I thought that it contained individually-wrapped biscuits and that the tin was full to the brim. I was a bit disappointed when I saw the contents. This costs Php160 and is made by Lotte. Anyway, at least I like the biscuits. I haven’t tasted the strawberry filled biscuits yet but I’m familiar with the chocolate ones. I showed this to MB and he immediately went for the chocolate box.

The keychain is made of plastic. It has some sort of bell inside. There is a different keychain in each box. I primarily bought this for the tin can but I’m still not sure what to put in it. LOL. I will probably just save it for later. I wish I saw this last Christmas. It would have made a nice gift.

Monday, January 28, 2013

turonitos, 240baon

Turon is a well-loved Filipino merienda. It’s composed of bananas, sometimes with langka (jackfruit) inside and wrapped in an egg roll wrapper. Some sprinkle sugar on the bananas. Some sprinkle sugar on the wrapper itself. It is then fried into golden perfection.

I don’t like bananas. The only time I eat them is when they become crunchy chips already or when they are fried as in arroz ala cubana or when they are transformed into delicious turon. I never eat fresh bananas but MB just absolutely loves them so he gets a regular supply from my grandma. Yeah, my grandma likes to spoil him.

In my last post, I talked about easy dishes. This is one example of an easy dish. How so? This is pre-made! I got a box of frozen Turonitos (I’m not sure if the brand was double ‘R’) at Landmark when I went grocery shopping. I was intrigued. I thought it can’t be that bad. After all, how can you mess up turon? The instructions to cook were fairly simple – no need to thaw just fry and serve.

Oh my, for a little bit under 100 pesos, my turon craving was satisfied. I fried 6 pieces while waiting for the misua to cook. I initially cooked 3 and tasted one when it cooled down. I wanted to taste it first before frying more as MB might not like it and I will end up with several uneaten pieces. It tasted good and I asked MB to taste it as well. He said to cook more and so I did. My husband hovers in the kitchen when I cook and helps out with simple food cutting and stirring that’s why it’s easy for me to get his approval whenever I cook something.

Well, this stuff is great. If you like turon but don’t like the hassle of cooking it, buy a box. They use golden saba bananas. The sweetness is just right for me but if you are craving for that sweet sticky wrapper, just sprinkle some sugar and fry to caramelize it and you’re all set.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

misua with patola, 240baon

I think this is the first time I’ve cooked patola. Patola is the vegetable that they make into a loofah when it gets really old and dried up. A lot of people don’t like it because of its slimy texture. I don’t like slimy vegetables i.e. okra  but surprisingly, I like patola especially if it’s in misua. Misua are very thin noodles that cook almost instantly once you put them in boiling water. They also absorb the soup/broth/water/liquid at an incredibly fast rate. This is the reason why I seldom cook misua. I hate adjusting the water and seasonings several times. But now that it’s super cold, I opt to cook hearty soups.

We had this for dinner Monday night. MB enjoyed it. We ate it with rice. You can also add meat balls to this dish to make it more filling. I didn’t bother because nowadays, I’m too lazy to cook. I will probably cook just easy dishes this week. MB misses my home cooking after all those parties, celebrations and eating out.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturdays are mostly spent lounging at home. I have work on Saturdays so we seldom go out. When we do, it’s usually late in the afternoon or in the evenings. I needed to rest last Saturday so I told MB that we will just stay-in. We ordered a bucket of KFC the night before and we still had a few chicken leftovers. There was also some rice left because I did not eat rice for dinner. I was too lazy to cook new rice and so I decided to make some fried rice. As it is a Saturday, we no longer had stuff in the fridge and I ended up with a carrot, a celery stalk and the Goldilocks lumpiang shanghai I asked cousin C to buy for me as pasalubong. The result was this:

Fried rice made from leftovers, 240baon

I seasoned the rice with Knorr Seasoning. Doesn’t Knorr Seasoning smell divine when you cook with it? I chopped up all the ingredients and fried them. I also added some pressed garlic. I bought a garlic press last December and I never chopped garlic ever since. If you hate chopping garlic, buy a garlic press.

KFC”s rice is too soft and watery so I didn’t mix it too much as the starch will start to break down and make it more mushy and who likes mushy fried rice, right?

This was delicious! I re-fried the chicken into crispy perfection and we had a fabulous lunch. Needless to say, we finished everything! I love lazy Saturdays…

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tous Les Jours is a new Korean bake shop in town. It is located beside the entrance of GB5, the one located at the park. I thought it was a French patisserie because of the name but when I entered, the staff greeted me “anyong-haseyo”.

I went through all their breads. They are all sweet breads unlike Bread Talk that has savory options. I have no idea if the savory ones were still baking or if they are coming soon. They also have a wide assortment of cakes.

I like brown breads but I don’t like sweet breads too much so I got this:

tous les jours cranberry bread, 240baon

This is a cranberry bread. I was disappointed because it had raisins and I don’t like raisins. My mom used to feed my sister and I boxes and boxes of Sun-Maid raisins when we were kids so I guess that explains my aversion. I can eat a few pieces but that’s it. I ended up removing the raisins in the bread.

I didn’t’ like this bread. It was dry in my opinion and lacked flavor. I only liked the top where the flavor was concentrated. This costs around Php140 but my mom had her SC discount card so I paid a little over 120 pesos. French Baker and Bread Talk will still be my go-to bakeshops.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sopas is a hearty Filipino dish that is composed of macaroni, meat and vegetables cooked in chicken broth. It’s like a more filling chicken soup. It’s definitely a comfort food. I’m down with the flu and when I’m sick I want to eat soup so that I can recover faster. I did a few changes to my usual sopas:

purple sopas, 240baon

It looks disgusting, I know but it’s really tasty. I’ve been eating this for a few days now and I haven’t grown sick of it yet. It’s purple because of the addition of red cabbage. I’m tired of the usual green one so I thought I’d shake things up a little. This has shredded chicken, carrots and chopped celery. I think the combination of the vegetables and the soup really helped as I now feel a lot better.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

russell stover candy, 240baon

I’m fond of hard candies. They help a lot when my sugar drops and I don’t have access to food immediately. I got this box of Russell Stover Ribbon Candies in Cebu.

russell stover ribbon candy, 240baon

Each candy has a different flavor although the green is a recurring mint flavor. The red one is cinnamon and the pure red one is licorice, I think. The other flavors are orange and lemon. My favorite if of course, the mint one. The box says to serve in tiny pieces and then keep the leftovers in a candy dish. I just recently threw my candy dish away so I just taped the box again. I hope the candy will still be good by the time I get a new candy dish. I don’t like all the flavors as they take a lot of getting used to but I will be sure to serve this during family gatherings.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here’s another dish that utilized my sundried tomatoes:

shrimp pasta with sundried tomatoes

It’s very easy, very quick to make. You just need garlic and onions, some EVOO, shrimps and the sundried tomatoes. Just mix them all together and season with salt and pepper and you have a sumptuous dinner. Best served with some crusty bread and wine but we don’t drink so we had some ice tea with this.

Monday, January 21, 2013

One Saturday, MB and I found ourselves at home without lunch. We barely had any stocks left in the fridge as it was after the holidays so I rummaged through the freezer and found a pack of beef cubes, the ones used for stewing. I did not have time to stew because we both were already hungry so I decided to experiment.

I wanted to cook some beef salpicao but this was the wrong beef so I just cut it up into small pieces. This was the result:

beef salpicao not, 240baon

The beef, of course, was still tough but it was sooo delicious! I marinated it first in some Worcestershire sauce, a bit of Knorr seasoning and I think some soy sauce as well. I’m not sure if I added some minced garlic to the marinade. I fried the beef in olive oil and poured the marinade in. I also added some salt and pepper, some granulated garlic and sun dried tomatoes. Yes, sundried tomatoes! It was my surprise ingredient! It made the sauce perfect – salty, a bit sour and savory.
I don’t know if I left some magic ingredient out. I haven’t cooked this ever since but it was really delicious! MB loved this as well. We finished all the rice in the pot. He brought the leftovers to the office for lunch. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

This is a super late post. Last Christmas my family and I went to see Disney on Ice. We went to the adjacent mall to have a snack before the show started. Since there are no Taco Bells in our vicinity, I chose Taco Bell.

taco bell quesadilla, 240baon

I ordered this beef quesadilla. It’s delicious, what else can I say? MB and I shared this.

taco bell doritos taco, 240baon

I also had this special Doritos Taco. I love this! I like this better than their regular taco which is quite bland. The Doritos shell added more flavor. Sadly, this was a one-time promo only.

taco bell chips, 240baon

MB had these chips with his order. I don’t know what they are called but they were also delicious.

taco bell margarita slushie, 240baon

This Margarita Lime Slushie is great! It was a tad sweet but I really like it. I still have cravings for this drink.

taco bell munchers, 240baon

These are Taco Bell’s version of fries. They are potato cubes that are also delicious.

taco bell nachos, 240baon

Finally, my mom and sister ordered nachos. My sister didn’t like this because of the bean dip at the bottom but she ate the nachos that didn’t touch the beans.

I love Taco Bell and I wish they had a branch here. By the way, I digress. Did you know that Taco Bell is the only fast food restaurant in the US (among those studied by Yale University) that does not offer healthy choices for kids? As in zilch. The best fast food restaurant for your kids is Subway and nothing in their menu is considered bad for your child. That’s why if you like Taco Bell like I do, be sure to eat in moderation. = )

Saturday, January 19, 2013

When you’re hungry, sometimes you just don’t want to slave away in a kitchen. You want simple fast eats to satisfy your hunger. Here are a few of those simple eats.

porthos portuguese sardines in olive oil, 240baon

This is the Porthos Portuguese Sardines in Olive Oil. This is delicious. A can costs around Php54. Just open a can (reheat the sardines if you want) and eat with rice or bread. This is bland so I usually add some seasoning.

pan de manila herbed cream cheese, 240baon

herbed cream cheese, 240baon

If you need to down some merienda, buy a tub of this Pan De Manila Herbed Cream Cheese. It has garlic and parsley. The taste is overwhelming so be sure to put just a little at a time. Pair with some hot pandesal and your favorite drink!

mccormick korean soy chicken wings, 240baon

Lastly, this is the McCormick Korean Soy Chicken mix. Get some chicken pieces, coat with the mix and fry. Drain on paper towels, place the fried chicken in a container and pour the sauce and shake, shake, shake.

Sometimes it’s better to go the easy way when you’re hungry. It’s not always fun to cook in the kitchen, you know.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Here are photos of snacks that I like. Some I discovered just recently. Others are classic favorites.

lindt swiss thins, 240baon

MB brought this home as pasalubong one night. This was really good. We both love dark chocolate and this was wiped out fast.

lindt thin dark chocolate, 240baon

lindt dark chocolate thins, 240baon

Look how thin that is!

mnms, 240baon

M&M’s peanut. I like nuts in my chocolate. I even brought this to Cebu and we still have some leftovers! I only eat one or two pieces at a time so that kinda explains it. I also like the plastic jar as I can take it anywhere and pop one when my blood sugar gets low.

nachos, homemade salsa and sour cream, 240baon

Every once in a while I get a craving for Mexican food and that includes tacos, quesadillas and nachos! This is store bought nachos with my homemade salsa and some sour cream.

pepero almond box, 240baon

pepero almond sticks, 240baon

Pepero Almond by Lotte. I got this at S&R and served it at Christmas dinner. I got a box of 8 for only 250 pesos.

shrimp chips from hongkong, 240baon
This bag of shrimp crackers looks like Oishi’s but tastes way better. My sister got this in Hong Kong. I hope I can find it here. If you have spotted this in any of our local shops, I’d appreciate a heads up!

san pellegrino blood orange, 240baon

This is San Pellegrino Sparkling Blood Orange Drink. I got this in Cebu. We bought 6 cans.

san pellegrino aranciata rossa top, 240baon

I love the fact that the top of the can is covered.

san pellegrino in glass, 240baon

It tastes soooo good, like blood oranges! I only drank half a can and diluted it in lots of ice because I can’t take soda but it still tasted so good.

These are just some of my favorite snacks. I’ll post more as I discover new ones.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is the last restaurant in this series. I’m not a huge fan of Filipino dishes as they are rich and very filling. On our last night in Cebu, I asked my sister if we can eat somewhere light. She said Sunburst as recommended by her friend. Here’s what we ordered.

sunburst cheeseburger, 240baon

Cheeseburger which my sister and mom shared. They said that it was very good. I couldn’t watch them eat as all I wanted was some seltzer at that point.

potato chips, 240baon

I ate some of these potato chips. They were baked.

chicken wings, 240baon

We ordered 7 pieces of chicken wings which we all shared. I didn’t touch the rice. I ate 3 chicken wings and coleslaw, some potato chips and had a glass of ice tea. I think our bill was a little over 500 pesos, if not less. Sunburst is also at Ayala Center.

I was planning to eat at Zubuchon but the branch I saw was too far from our hotel. We also didn’t have time to visit the other branches because of all the shopping we did. Heck, we even went to S&R and bought a few things! The staff were so delighted to know that we came all the way from Manila and found the time to visit their Cebu branch.

If you’re planning to visit Cebu, bring a lot of antacid and seltzers as you will always be full. Cebu is a great place to splurge on food. Their restaurants are popular places for the family. The best restos serve Filipino food. The restos at Ayala Center are open until 11 pm every day. Even Krispy Kreme is open until 11 pm. Food is my best memory of Cebu and we will be back for more.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I will feature 3 restos in this series. This is the second one. The restaurant is Chika-an sa Cebu and can be found at SM.

Here’s what we ordered:

bistek cebu, 240baon

Bistek Cebu which I’m not a fan of as it’s a bit sweet. I like my bistek sour and salty although this was okay. My sister liked it. I ordered this.

calamares, 240baon

Calamares ordered by my sister. I didn’t touch this as I still have some trauma from calamares food poisoning back in November.

camaron rebosado, 240baon

Camaron rebosado which I ordered. I was feeling queasy in the restaurant so I was not able to eat well. We took the leftovers home and that’s what I ate for merienda.

chika-an menu, 240baon

Here’s the menu, by the way. As you can see, the prices are also cheap.

chika-an menu2, 240baon

chika-an menu3, 240baon

crab relleno, 240baon

Crab relleno. It was okay, I just don’t like the overwhelming taste of red peppers.

cucumber lemonade, 240baon

Cucumber lemonade which takes a lot of getting used to but my mom and sister finished the pitcher. I only took a sip.

green mangoes and bagoong, 240baon

I love green mangoes and bagoong so I had to have some! Although I was feeling nauseous, I was still able to down half of this. I ate the rest back at the hotel with rice and camaron.

munggo soup, 240baon

I ordered the munggo soup. This is a huge bowl actually and we still had some leftovers which we brought home. I only ate half of my small bowl as munggo triggers my illnesses. It was delicious as well. It had shrimps and dilis and ampalaya leaves.

rice, 240baon

Rice that the server said was good for 2 but in fact it was good for 4.

tortang talong, 240baon

Tortang talong ordered by mom. I didn’t touch this as well. My favorite tortang talong is the one my husband cooks. Our bill was a little over a thousand pesos. Not bad, right? This resto is a recommendation by V, MB’s brother so thanks V! He used to live in Cebu for several years that’s why he knows his way around.
Next up is part 3 of this post so stay tuned!

Monday, January 14, 2013

I’m back from our family vacation in Cebu. All we did there was shop and eat hence the title. Our first stop was Hukad at Ayala Center. Our flight was delayed so we arrived late in Cebu. We were so famished by the time we got out of the hotel. I’m glad that our first choice did not disappoint.

hukad plate, 240baon

Here’s the plate. Gotta be careful of food spilling out the sides!

baked scallops, 240baon

Baked scallops which my sister ordered. I love scallops but I was not a huge fan of this.

chicken pandan, 240bao

I ordered the chicken pandan. I thought that was vinegar but it was sweet. I didn’t like this so much but it was okay.

crispy pork kare-kare, 240baon

I ordered this crispy pork kare-kare. It was awesome! I love the steamed veggies on the side. I can’t digest kare-kare very well so I go easy on the sauce. I’m glad that it’s served on the side too. The bagoong was great as well. It was not sweet unlike most bagoong in Manila.

pinakbet, 240baon

This is pinakbet ordered by mom. I loved the ampalaya in this! That’s all I ate!

sweet n sour tanigue, 240baon

Sweet and sour tanigue ordered by mom. I was not able to taste this but they finished it.

budbod, 240baon

For dessert, my sister ordered budbud smothered in chocolate sauce. It was delicious! You know what else is awesome about this restaurant? The price! We only paid Php800+ for everything! Of course my mom had a senior citizen discount but it was still cheap! Oh, and did I say that it was unlimited rice?

Food in Cebu is cheap (as in very affordable). I would stay there for a week to get fat. Stay tuned for part 2 of this post. 

Hukad is at Ayala Center Cebu.


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